Modernizing Long-Term Care

Most LTC facilities are utilizing a medication management process that was developed over thirty years ago.

Think about how you did business 30 years ago… No smart phone, Internet, ….  Imagine trying to do business in today’s complex market place without modern tools.

However, this is what the LTC Industry has done to nursing in regards to the Medication Dispensing and Administration Processes.

Bingo Cards were developed 30 years ago:  What was the acuity of a resident 30 years ago?  What about the number of ANSIDS or Beta Blockers available? The nursing ratios? Regulatory concerns (HIPAA, MMA,…)?  The result is more pressure on Nursing to deliver medications timely and accurately  within an antiquated system.


To adapt to the increased acuity of residents, population, regulations, and medications, work-arounds in process have become industry wide unofficial standards of care that place at risk the nurse, facility, and ultimately the resident.

We all know that Ascribe Rx addresses the inefficiencies with bingo-cards through the Ascribe Rx Automated Dispensing System.  However, it is important to remember that simply automating the process will not maximize efficiencies.  Our mantra is that we offer a solution through a suite of products and professional services.  Meaning that we partner with the facility to effectively manage the entire Medication Management Process.


The steps of the Med Management Process has steps that are the facility’s responsibility, shared, and Pharmacy’s responsibility.  A failure at any point is usually not seen until administration often resulting in late or missing meds.  This places an additional burden on Nursing and Pharmacy Staff to quickly resolve issues.

We are uniquely positioned to provide a true partnership and a focus in process to effectively oversee the entire med management process.  Not just dispensing and billing.

Available tools:

– Web Based Reporting–  Allows for the complete reporting of all transitions through the Automated Dispensing System (ADS)

– Canister Utilization Tool– Identifies for the pharmacy slow moving canisters and higher volume blister card prescriptions and allows for optimal utilization.

Pricing Tool– Allows facility to see the estimated prescription price for new admits

Provider ADS Formulary- This report shows ADS medications categorized by medication group (e.g. Calcium Channel Blocker) and cost.  This will encourage utilization of ADS medications.

ADS New Order Notification- This tool resides at the Nursing Unit and informs nursing when new orders are available at the ADS.

System Efficiency:

The Automated Dispensing System (ADS) is significantly more accurate and efficient than the traditional Blister Card system.